Wednesday, November 16, 2011

News, Newsletter, and a GIVEAWAY

As my readers will know, I am brand new to blogging here on my MagicByLeah Blog, and this is really exciting. I already have a long list of topics that I want to blog about, from the birth of my fairies, thought process behind my many sculpting lines, failures of the burnt princess, and even a handful of clay tutorials for other PC artists out there.
In addition to my blog, I am planning a MagicByLeah Newsletter, for those interested in receiving highlights to their inbox ever few weeks. This will be reserved for the best of the best, showing off my latest work, my polymer clay and related news, and whatever else happens to tickle my fancy at the time


To help spice up (and build anticipation) for the first newsletter issue, I am hosting a $8 across-the-board GIVEAWAY
But this is not the type of giveaway where you ‘do this and maybe you get a chance to win’
EVERY subscriber is a winner, no gimmicks, no requirements, (well, other than joining my newsletter)

Here’s how it works:

- Sign up for my Newsletter by December 1
- Receive your $8 gift certificate to my Artfire Shop (on Dec 1)
- Go shopping in My Artfire shop
- Receive your gifts before the holidays
- Wrap your presents and give them to yourself, family friends

The first issue of my Newsletter is scheduled to Debut on December 1; this issue will include a MagicByLeah on Artfire Gift Certificate code which can be redeemed in my Artfire shop
Gift Certificate can be used towards ANY items in my shop INCLUDING custom orders and shipping fees.
And don’t forget to share this joy with your friends, so go on share using Tweet, Facebook, Stumble, and more

Click the Certificate Below to Sign Up

My Artfire Shop


  1. That is an awesome incentive Leah, great idea

  2. Great idea Leah! Love your shop and creations. Just signed up for your newsletter :)

  3. Very cute shop! Thanks for sharing.

  4. love the idea and i love how pretty the gift certificate looks!

  5. Thanks guys for all the well-wishes, now if only everyone subscribed ;)

  6. Cool promotional idea, Leah. Already signed up for newsletter!

  7. uniquecozyreasures - good luck on your newsletter. The gift certificates are a great incentive.

  8. Great promotion! I love your shop, it's amazing!
    I would like to follow your blog but I can't find the 'Follow' button here...

  9. WOO! I want to sign up. What a fantastic idea to get people to sign up for your newsletter!

  10. Sounds like a plan! I'm signing up right now!

  11. Signed up! Great incentive, Leah; and wonderful work on this site! VERY impressive! :o)