Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Final Day with the Rescued kitties

As I mentioned in my last post, I had the honor to foster 3 ADORABLE kittens for just a few days this week. 
Well, I have good and sad news
The good news: The kittens were placed in a proper foster home where they will be cared for by a trained kitty foster mother who happens to be a friend of a friend (so we know they're in good hands)
The sad news: I will really miss them


Here's a quick video sequence taken from their final bath and feeding in my care
(if you are worried about the kitties not-so clean face, I was afraid of getting water in his eyes/nose and knew he would get a proper bath shortly by someone more experienced in kitty baths)

I am happy that I had the honor of caring for these 3 cuties even for such a short time. 
But don't worry, I think my sister (who rescued the abandoned kitties last week) will cave and end up keeping all 3 rather than just the orange female.
And this means... PHOTOS!! so come back in a month or so for the BIG KITTY photoshoot

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Newborn Rescued Kittens

Pumba, Simba, and Kiara,
aka the tiny balls of fluff that will be commanding my attention for the next few days.

These kitties were abandoned when they were just under 3 weeks old. Left to fend for themselves, the smallest one perished from starvation

My sister came to the rescue and brought the remaining 3 kitties home. Despite her other commitments, she dedicated round the clock feeding and TLC over the weekend. Due to her hectic schedule at work this week, and my work-from-home business, I got the honor to take care of these cuties for the next few days

I filmed the video above right after they woke from their nap. I don't know how they managed it, but somehow they pooped and peed all over each other. Perhaps they did it on purpose because they love the TLC received at bath-time

It's amazing how much personality you can glean from a tiny ball of fluff. Since the 2 tan kittens look so much like lion cubs, and the fact that we are HUGE Lion King fans, we gave them the following names.

The chubby tan kitty was named Pumba, but we jokingly call him 'Mufatso' because he just loves to eat and eat and eat. Now before you reprimand me for overfeeding him, how can I possibly turn down such a sweet little face when he cries, especially after what he's been through?

The skinny tan kitty is Simba. He is very practical. When he wakes hungry he cries. When he's done eating he goes to sleep, even before I get a chance to put him back in the box. He's a bit tricky to feed but I've been able to coax him into eating twice by feeding him first. This way his hungry siblings' cries keep him awake long enough to get a tiny second feeding in.

And last but not least, is the little orange girl, Kiara. She is such a 'girl'. She has a refined whine rather than the shrill meow of her brothers, and she has some sense of dignity trying (and failing) to clean herself. But you can't blame a 4 week old kitten

In just a few short days they went from starved and abandoned to nearly healthy. In a few more days I expect them to be chubby healthy balls of fluff.

I get to keep them for just a few more days while my sister finishes her current work project.
While they demand round-the-clock care and attention, I will be sad to see them go.

(now where did I put the photo props I used for my hamsters?)