Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sock Monkey Dollhouse Miniatures

Introducing: Item of the week

As a private educator, my day job at Leah4sci revolves around the schedule of my students. While this means a slow tutoring season in the summer, it also means a busy sculpting season for MagicByLeah
I have set a personal goal to increase my shop inventory to 300 items by September first in preparation for the upcoming holiday season and look forward to sculpting up a storm.
I also plan to sculpt a few more magical creatures in the process for all you fantasy lovers out there

So join me on this magical journey as I introduce at least one new item in my newest weekly blog feature:

MagicByLeah - Item of the week

And what better way to start an 'item of the week' feature, then my introducing yet another version of my favorite sculpted creature, the sock monkey. I just love this little guy and hope that you love him too.

My first item of the week set is the Rainbow Chunky Monkeys. These little guys are slightly larger than the sock monkey miniatures previously offered in my shop. They are chunkier, and sit approximately 1 inch tall.
(click on the monkey set to view it in my shop)

What's special about these monkeys, is that they not only resemble the beloved sock monkey doll; Their 'skin' even has a sock-like appearance. Peer closely and you will see the tiny embedded fibers in the granitex clay.
Actually, there was an ulterior motive behind sculpting these rainbow monkeys (other than the fact that I love sculpting monkeys) Most of the monkeys offered in my shop are made to order upon request. Yet 'describing' the color is not enough as we are a visual generation and prefer to see things with our own eyes
And so I sculpted a set of monkeys in the 7 Granitex colors offered, allowing you to visualize, not only the color, but how it looks on a monkey.
(click on the rainbow set to purchase individual monkey miniatures in the color of your choice)

A chunky sock monkey will look great on your computer, desk, or in your dollhouse. And they also make a lovely gift for any sock monkey lover and collector.

View my full line of sock monkey gifts and treasures in my:
Artfire Shop and in my Etsy Shop

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  1. These are totally adorable! I think I love every color!