Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Refer a Friend - Raffle Giveaway

I recently came across Rafflecopter, a contest/giveaway app that looked rather exciting. So I played with the demo and decided to ‘experiment’ (the science geek in me comes out)
The good news is that YOU get to benefit from my experimentation
That’s right; you can win up to $50 to my Artfire shop

Prizes are as follows:

First Place: $20 to my Artfire Shop (1 winner)
Second Place: $10 to my Artfire Shop (2 winners)

How do you Enter?

1 – Use the form below enter for up to TEN points (each point is another chance to win)
2 – Share this page with your friends (using the share-it feature top right of this blog) asking them to enter for a chance to match their prize
If your referral wins a prize, YOU WIN THE SAME PRIZE (a prize-match)
Be sure your friends include your Name/Email in the referral box so you get the credit)
3 – Sit back, relax, and start browsing my AF Shop to plan your spending spree

How can you win $50?

1 – You can to win (first or second place)
2 – Your referrals can win the other 2 spots
That’s up to $20 direct winning, and up to $30 referral prize-match winnings
Second Place: $10 to my Artfire Shop

So go ahead, use the form below to enter up to TEN points (every point is another chance to win)
Winner will be chosen on Thursday, 19 Jan 2011 and announced in the following newsletter issue

Why subscribe to my Newsletter?

Don’t worry, I won’t be ‘spamming’ your inbox with daily issues. I use my newsletter as a chance to ‘show off’ my latest sculptures by including photos and links (for more photos and details)
I also like to throw in little ‘extras’ in my newsletter, like contests, discounts, and giveaways

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I will verify each entry by comparing your name to my subscription list.


  1. thanks for the giveaway. I've been thinking of using rafflecopter for my giveaways as well.

  2. great blog and giveaway Leah! I think I have entered. LOL

  3. This is really interesting. I have seen various giveaway's on blogs but this seems more organized.

  4. Thank you Calli, I'm trying rafflecopter here for the first time and liking it so far

  5. That is a great idea and very generous too. Thank you

  6. Great idea and good luck with your fab Giveaway! *Ü*

  7. I entered Leah!!! Great idea.

  8. Very cool. I entered too. Let us know how it goes.

  9. Great giveaway! This referral thing that Rafflecopter is doing is pretty interesting. It's pretty cool! :)

  10. rafflecopter is a great tool! I use it all the time. i hope it goes well :)