Wednesday, December 14, 2011

An Elf is Born: Part 3

This post continues from Part 2

My Sexy Christmas Elf finally has hair!!!

Adding hair to a sculpture is quite tricky. When it comes to sculpting, I take my time. I do each step slowly and carefully. When adding hair, I don't have that luxury. The glue smells and dries super-fast. Hair gets stuck everywhere and makes quite the mess

But I'm jumping ahead of myself. I use Tibetan Lamb Fur, also called Mohair, for my sculptures.
Mohair is an animal friendly product as it is shorn from the lamb without causing any harm to the animal. (like getting a haircut)

Mohair is soft, dies easily, has natural curls, and according to my boyfriend, looks just like my hair ;)

I wasn't sure which hair color to go with. My four choices pictured here include black, dark brown, dirty blond, or Santa white. I held each swatch against the elf’s head letting the curls drape her face. I even tried a two-color look for kicks (looks too much like a skunk)

I prepared all the tools and supplies needed.
- Fabri-Tac a VERY strong, fast drying glue
- Acetone to mix with the glue for a slower drying and thinner medium (smells to high heavens)
- toothpicks
- small sharp scissors
- paper towels (did I mention this was messy)
- Open front/back doors and windows (I'd rather freeze than choke)

After selecting the dark brown hair (the elf requested it personally) I selected the curls one at a time and cut it from the pelt.

This is where the very fast 'slow' process begins. As soon as the glue touches the hair, the curls are on the clock. I held each strand of curls by the middle and removed any loose strands. I added a bit of glue, and pressed it to the back of her head.

Perhaps when I'm more proficient at this process I will create a proper hair tutorial.

Like human hair, fairy/elf hair begins at the base of the skull and goes all the way up. Each layer of curls was added carefully to ensure no excess glue or hair strands wind up in the wrong place. I worked my way up the head and around to the temples.

The top of the head proved a challenge between ensuring that the hair is properly glued, yet not allowing the glue to show. I accomplished this (nearly) by gluing the hair on the wrong way, then folding it over itself, almost like making a part in your own hairstyle.

After each layer I took a 'soap break' to scrub my fingertips raw from all the accumulated hair, glue, and paper-towel residue.

She is now sitting on my desk watching me type, with her hair flying in every direction. Once the glue is 100% dry she will get her hair done, shampoo, conditioner, and even hair moose (I use my personal hair products)

Tomorrow I plan to add color to her face including eyes, cheeks, and lips. I'm still debating on nail polish (red?) what do you think?

Hopefully she will be completed, set, and photographed by this weekend to be unveiled in my next newsletter issue. Not a subscriber yet? Join now using This Link


  1. super cute! Congrats to send that sales elf and fairy to the team today!

  2. This is so cute, I love watching your elf develop before our eyes, You do such fantastic work

  3. Thanks for sharing... She' really cute... I love your work. Can't wait to see her all "dolled" up!

  4. That hair looks so natural! You've done a great job gluing it to your elf- looks like it's always been there!

  5. Great job. Love watching her develop. So impressed with your talent and patience.

  6. calliope beat me to it :) I have been so amazed by your patience with building this super cute elf:) But It sure is paying off..She looks so pretty..Cant wait to see her final look:)
    Abt the nailpolish-maybe once she is done with everything else , you will have a better idea? She will tell you ;-)

  7. Thanks guys for the words of encouragement. I hope to finish her in the next few days

  8. uniquecozytreasures - She is really cute. I would go for the nail polish.

  9. I have really enjoyed watching the progress of your elf! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Wow, I loved this blog. I had no idea how involved your projects are. I vote for very pale polish, or just seems more elfish, to me.

  11. She is quite a creation!!! I had no idea!!!